£850,000 fine for cold calling

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£850,000 fine for cold calling

Posted on: December 3rd, 2015 by Isobel Addison No Comments

Record Fine For Firm’s Millions Of Cold Calls


The National Advice Clinic, based in Lancashire, which also operates under the names Industrial Hearing Clinic and the Central Compensation Office has been ordered to pay £850,000 over what was described as a “deliberate and sustained” campaign.

The regulators said that the record fine had been given to the company that had made six million nuisance calls about noise-induced hearing loss in the seven-month period between October 2014 and April 2015.

Almost 2,000 people complained to Ofcom, many of whom were on the Telephone Preference Service, which is a list of people who do not want to be cold-called.

The Claims Management Regulator, which oversees the industry, said the company’s calling campaign had been “a flagrant breach of marketing requirements” and “showed an alarming disregard for the misery their tactics can cause, particularly to elderly and vulnerable people”.

CMR head Kevin Rousell said, “The size of this penalty demonstrates how seriously we take this issue – nuisance calls will not be tolerated.”

Since a law change in December last year, the CMR has been able to fine companies that break the rules.

This is the largest of the four fines since then. A total of £1.6m has been collected.

This fine shows the lengths that some claims management companies will sink to in order to secure business.  At Davey Law we would urge people who believe that they might have a claim to talk to a legal firm directly and cut out the Claims Management Companies.

At Davey Law we don’t have call centres, if you contact us you will speak to an expert who will most probably handle your claim should you choose to instruct us.