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Spinal Injury

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A spinal injury is often the result of someone else’s negligence, most often a car accident (often referred to as an RTA, RTC or MVTA) or an accident at work.

Neck and back injuries are usually suffered to the vertebra or vertebrae in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar or sacral spine (or coccyx). There are different type of spinal injury. You may have a complete spinal cord injury that results in complete loss of function below the point of injury. This is often referred to as complete or incomplete paralysis, paraplegia or tetraplegia. If you have sustained an Incomplete spinal cord injury then you should have some feeling or movement below the point of injury.

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    Your Injury

    You may have suffered a compression fracture, crush fracture, prolapsed disc, prolapsed intervertebral disc, nerve root damage, facet joint injury, traumatic spondylolisthesis or disc lesions.

    You may need reports from a spinal surgeon, neurosurgeon, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and other specialists in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and care experts.

    Your Needs

    You could need neurosurgery, back surgery, spinal surgery, facet joint injections, spinal fusion, a laminectomy, a discectomy, acute rehabilitation, Inpatient rehabilitation, Outpatient rehabilitation, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Psychological therapy, Vocational rehabilitation or Recreational therapy.

    Additional Needs

    Spinal injury can lead to difficulties such as impaired bladder function, impaired bowel function, nerve root irritation or impaired sexual function.

    Your Future

    If you or someone you love has suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI) you will be facing an uncertain and frightening future. Spinal cord injuries have a life-changing impact on an injured person but also their family and friends.

    We Are Experts

    We are experts in serious injury. We know that compensation alone does not make you better, but if properly used it can help ease the transition into your new lifestyle, and you to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

    Whilst spinal injury often results in more obvious immediate difficulties it is important to consider the long-term challenges.

    Interim Payments

    You will probably need a case manager to coordinate your treatment and care. The right expert advice and help early on means you may receive interim payments. These can assist with the purchase of wheelchairs, braces, orthoses, private rehabilitation, driving aids, address housing needs, equipment and the implementation of care and case management to help you manage your spinal injury.

    Our experts, Peter, Mark and Isobel work with a dedicated team helping people with spinal injury. We work closely with barristers, medical professional and other experts to secure the best outcome for you.

    We have substantial experience of complex, high value claims.

    Wherever possible we try to secure early rehabilitation, therapies, aids and appliances to make your recovery less challenging and maximise your independence.  We frequently arrange an immediate needs assessment report under the Rehabilitation Code to identify your therapy and care needs and help to secure interim payments to fund rehabilitation, accommodation, equipment and care. We instruct independent experts to advise on items such as equipment, housing, vehicles, future care needs and holidays.

    Your claim may take a long time to resolve so it is important that you can talk to us. We are happy to arrange home or hospital visits.

    If you have a spinal injury it is essential to instruct a serious injury expert. We have expert knowledge of injuries like yours.

    In most cases we can pursue your compensation claim on a no win, no fee basis.

    Our spinal injury experts offer a wealth of experience. We are members of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel  and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). We have substantial experience of complex, high value claims.

    We will assess your claim for free and in complete confidence.

    Compensation can help rebuild your life and after your claim has ended we are still here to help you. We are experts in personal injury trusts and the Court of Protection.

    Take a look at our glossary  for an explanation of terms that you might have heard.

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