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Amputation after an accident

No win, no fee. No call centres. Just experts.

There are a number of specific issues surrounding traumatic amputation or loss of limb which means you need an expert experienced in these types of claims. We are serious injury experts.

If you have sustained any of the following: a hand, below elbow, through elbow,  above elbow, below shoulder, arm, toe, foot, lower limb, below knee, through knee, above knee, forequarter, bilateral, transpelvic or  finger amputation, hemipelvicectomy or other disarticulation, talk to us, first.

Why choose us?

General personal injury lawyers, whilst usually well-meaning, are usually inexperienced is serious claims. Often they don’t know what experts to approach. As a result they may not achieve the best compensation for you.  Have you ever thought about how much extra wear and tear can be placed on the carpet in the home of a wheelchair user. Or the chips and knocks to doorways and  furniture for example.  Will your lawyer appreciate the additional strain on other parts of the body from the exertion of using some prosthetics.

Your claim

Amputations are often the result of someone else’s negligence. Often a car accident or motorbike accident (referred to as an RTA, RTC or MVTA). Sometimes a sporting accident, an accident at work, clinical negligence or an assault.

As a new amputee, it is especially relevant that you receive specialist advice. This can secure you access the best rehabilitation, medications, aids and equipment and prosthetics. And to help you return to doing things you enjoyed before your injuries.

We will always try to arrange an Immediate Needs Assessment (INA). An INA can help you to access rehabilitation as quickly as possible.

Firstly you may need a case manager to coordinate your treatment and care.  The right expert advice and help early on means you may receive interim payments.  Consequently you can buy prostheses, orthotics or  private rehabilitation. Or perhaps address housing needs, equipment, care. Also limb loss often causes  complications in older age due to the extra exertion required to use prosthetics.  It is essential that these matters are considered when negotiating settlement.

We specialise in traumatic amputation and limb loss.  These injuries have a life-changing impact. Not only on the injured person but also on their family and friends. If you or someone you know has suffered in this way, you may be entitled to compensation and money to help in the future.

Dedicated team

At Davey Law, Peter, Isobel and Julie work closely with a team dedicated to helping people who have suffered catastrophic injuries. We work with the same barristers and medical experts because they too specialise in serious injury cases.

Davey Law pride ourselves on supporting our clients and their families, while getting to know them well.

We are members of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel  and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). We have extensive experience of complex and high value claims.

It is important that you feel that you can talk to us because your claim may take a long time to resolve. We are happy to visit you at home or hospital. In most cases will be able to pursue your compensation claim on a no win, no fee basis which will probably help to ease your financial burden.

When finding an expert solicitor to represent you after a serious injury it is essential to instruct a lawyer experienced in handling such claims. Look for a lawyer who will handle your case with skill and care. Many firms do personal injury work but that does not make them experts with knowledge of injuries like yours.

Our experts offer a wealth of experience. Amputation claims are complex. Therefore early intervention and long-term planning are essential.

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For a free chat about your claim contact our team of experts.

Finally if you are thinking about bringing a claim. If you feel let down and would like to talk about changing solicitors. Or maybe just want to know how our serious injury experts can help, submit our enquiry form or call us on 01285 654875


Personal Injury Payouts

Compensation Payouts

The total amount of compensation a person receives will vary widely depending on the nature of the injury that they have suffered and the specific circumstances of their case. There are many factors that must be taken into account but some of these include:

  • The nature and severity of the injury or injuries
  • The amount and extent of rehabilitation required
  • The need for prosthetics
  • The on going need for treatment, and prosthetic management
  • The extent of any long term disabilities and costs of future needs including adaptations
  • Any psychological reaction to the accident or loss
  • Loss of Earnings past or future

If you have sustained a traumatic amputation that was someone else’s fault, you should always seek the advice of experts who will assess your case on its merits. You will receive compensation for losses that arise from the injury in addition to the pain and suffering cause by the actual injury. As a guide you could expect to receive the following amount for the injury itself.

  • Amputation of both arms : Up to £242,550
  • Amputation of one arm : Up to £110,880
  • Complete loss of wrist function: Up to £48,400
  • Total or effective loss of both hands: Up to £162,800
  • Total loss of finger or thumb: £6,985 to £44,330
  • Loss of both legs: Up to £227,975

*figures are from 2013 and should be used as a rough guide only.


Recent Claims

Paul was hit by an uninsured car and unfortunately both his legs had to be amputated above the knee. A claim was pursued against the Motor Insurers Bureau and he received £1.3 million in compensation.

The award included the costs of state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs, moving to a suitably adapted home, lost earnings and retraining.  This compensation award has helped Paul to rebuild his life including purchasing a property that has been adapted to maximise his independence.


Inga, had her finger tip slammed in the door of a taxi cab by the driver.  Her injury turned out to be relatively modest. she wrote to us following settlement to say,

Thank you for your letter and email reply. I can confirm that the balance is now in my account.

I am very grateful to you and the team for all your help with this matter and for allowing justice to be done in this case”


Meet The Team

No win, no fee. No call centres. Just experts.

At Davey Law we specialise in Serious Injury claims.

Alan applies his 22 years of litigation experience to help clients solve problems and meet their business objectives when legal action becomes necessary. Clients turn to Alan for help in resolving a range of issues including creditor’s rights, contract disputes, unfair trade practices, restructuring, employment, and licensing disputes…

The core team, Peter and Isobel apply over 50 years of combined litigation experience to help their clients maximise their compensation and help people rebuild their lives after injury.

Instructing an inexperienced teams of lawyers in specialist cases such as amputation and traumatic loss of limb can result in compensation awards that fail to address the full long-tem impact of the injury and the costs involved in maintaining independence where possible.  Whilst usually well-meaning, inexperience legal teams may overlook less obvious  consequences like additional carpet wear from wheelchair use or additional physical and often medical consequences of using prosthetics over a long period.

You need a team who know where to find the specialists with knowledge of the cutting edge advances in prosthetics to ensure that wherever possible funding is available to you in the future to also have the best equipment.